Just In Case There’s Any Doubt Jill Stein Sows Distrust in the U.S. Vaccination Program…


Let’s simply let her supporters answer.

Here are some comments from angry Jill Stein supporters on the Friendly Atheist Facebook page in response to my article criticizing her statements on the U.S. vaccination program.   It was gratifying to see these dwarfed by many thousands of likes and shares, as was a lovely mention as well by the national progressive humanist group Center for Inquiry’s Paul Fidalgo in his daily roundup of humanist news:

Speaking of Stein, Bo Gardiner does a good overview of Stein’s many pseudoscientific predilections.

But it’s a veritable online rule that people who disagree are the most likely to comment, and comment they did.  

As you read each sentence, preface it in your mind with the phrase that most began with in varying forms:  “She’s not discouraging vaccines, she just…”

  • Wow, I’m glad people like this are here to tell me what the government should force me to inject myself with.
  • I’m against government telling anyone what they can and cannot do with their body. Freedom of choice is important to me.
  • No not anti vax, anti big money that distorts what is necessary & what isn’t, we need to be able to trust our healthcare provider not feel like guinea pigs.
  • She just doesn’t want Pharmaceutical companies lobbying the government to make their vaccines state mandated.
  • It isn’t ‘anti-science to disagree with mandates that force people to be mindlessly treated against diseases which aren’t any longer endemic or other diseases which aren’t even spread by casual contact.
  • There’s a difference between having vaccinations mandated, and having it mandated that a SPECIFIC COMPANY should be able to decide and produce all the vaccines
  • If you argue killing a human organism out of convenience is body autonomy but nor wanting needles shoved into my body isn’t you’ve got a pretty severe case of cognitive dissonance.
  • I don’t think you should make vaccines mandatory… If you’re not going to put your child out into the “herd” you can opt out.
  • Pharmaceutical companies lobby to get new versions that are basically the same as the old vaccinations mandatory only to quadruple their profits when they sell it at a higher price… The FDA has been corrupted.
  • She said we need more data [on vaccinations.
  • There is absolutely need for “new data”. The current childhood vaccine schedule, for instance, has not been studied for safety.
  • All of these FDA approved drugs get taken off the market after some time of public use for reason. Lack of proper research before approval. Vaccines are not exempt from this process nor are they exempt from causing harm.
  • Vaccines may save lives but they are also known to injure. How does that not warrant investigation?
  • Giving unneeded vaccines can jeopardized an already capable immune system from fighting off a virus it is already immune to.
  • 11,000 new customers born every day just in America. Don’t tell me there is no profit [in vaccines].
  • She does realize that many Greens are worried about vaccs, so she carefully words her statements about vaccines when she speaks. Understand why she said what she did.
  • She does support the right of choice.
  • Yea, about that vaccine shit. Oh, how about we ask doctors about stress? Their ignorance in that field is shameful, let alone the wonderful training they get in nutrition, so I should blindly follow the advice to vaccinate?
  • She only wants the vaccines that really help us to be mandated, rather than whatever pharmaceutical company pays the most is fucking ridiculous. Pro-vaxxers are worse than Christians these days, they just blindly follow the multi-billion dollar companies making vaccines like they’re Gods.
  • Monsanto is very much in line with pharmaceutical companies.
  • Love science hate vaccines..so fuck you.
  • There’s a huge difference between being anti-vax (she’s not) and promoting non-consensual drug administration of a product made by for-profit companies.
  • The pharmaceutical industry IS paid to lie about drugs effects. Of course they’ll cut corners on vaccines if the right Citizens United Corporate Monger pays in enough.
  • She is not anti-vaxx, she is against the idea of having CEOs from pharmaceutical companies being in charge at federal institutions that force drugs on us for the profit of big pharma.
  • “Vax: just do it. Because science!” Doctors used to recommend cigarettes in tobacco advertisements.and the public is wise to the corruption and kickbacks
  • How do people not find it harmful to force vaccinations on children. I’m pro vaccination ok, because yes vaccinations help save lives. Which is the perfect disguise to force people to take drugs that maybe maybe not in the future could be replaced with something harmful…like the Tuskegee experiment?
  • Everyone should be against the manipulating and buying of so called scientific truth. Glad you all have run these tests yourself and know for sure what your talking about. None of us know what to believe, not even you.  Really?  your defending the FDA? that’s a disgrace man.
  • Honestly, even if she’s a little anti Vax, if she’s anti FDA having to much power at the same time, I might be willing to listen. Anyone in the vape industry can tell you about how fucked the current FDA is with too much power.
  • My body, my choice. I’m sick of the government making me work to subsidize breeders sending their kids to public (Aka Welfare) schools.
  • I however am against any industry/organization that infiltrates a government agency to unfairly pass regulations [and] approve medication.

On Patheos I received these:

  • The pharmaceutical companies giving out vaccinations that do nothing for us, and still charging us out the gazoo holes for them, is a problem.
  • Bo, you are misinformed on the safety data on vaccines… Your reliance on CDCs/drug company’s “safety” data and whatever “study” purports to disprove any links to harm, is cavalier.
  • BoGardiner, Dr. Jill Stein is absolutely right…The CDC is corrupt as is the FDA. The CDC has hidden and manipulated data from vaccine studies that would be detrimental to the pharmaceutical industry and that shows an increase risk to the health and life of our children and adults receiving the vaccines.


  • In 2016 the population is sicker than ever with Cancers, autoimmune diseases, allergies etc, vaccines are how Big Pharma sow the seeds of profitable disease, yet they try to fearmonger us about mild short-term childhood illnesses which are harmless in the healthy and well-nourished.
  • Vaccines are currently based on more assumption than rigorous science. Real controls are needed in safety studies, the full vaccine schedule needs testing, long-term safety tests are required, but Big Pharma always have excuses to avoid these.
  • Vaccines make a lot of money, they don’t require much testing as they get a bypass on real tests…However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, the real money comes after the vaccines, this is because many people are left with lifelong vaccine-induced diseases which leave them dependent on drugs. Vaccines are the main cause of autoimmune disease… e.g. Diabetes Type 1 and MS. That’s why vaccines are pushed so hard, they make healthy people into sick people who become customers for life.


In other words, the rhetoric of Stein and her supporters is identical to that of groups widely recognized as anti-vax.

Darkly amusing are the many objectors who simply post Stein’s retort “I’m not anti-vax” …and smugly rest their case.  As if this puts all debate to rest.  As if most prominent anti-vaxxers don’t say the same.  Even their primary spokesperson Jenny McCarthy calls herself “pro-vaccine.”



14 thoughts on “Just In Case There’s Any Doubt Jill Stein Sows Distrust in the U.S. Vaccination Program…

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  2. You’ve utterly failed to make your case here. You present comments made by other people in an attempt to paint their opinions as belonging to Dr. Stein, even when those opinions themselves do not appear to be anti-vax. How much more dishonest can you get?


    • You fail to understand the point of the article. It in no way “attempts to paint their opinions as belonging to Dr. Stein.” The title makes it perfectly clear: I’m proving the point that her statements are in fact having the effect of sowing distrust of vaccines. This is now proven fact, as the comments demonstrate. Whether she intended it or not, this is the result.


  3. Exactly Stein never said she was against Vaccines. People just don’t know how to read (to clarify some of Stein’s supporters are anti vax, but she is not pandering to them). If you read her comments (which were in reference to the green parties stance on vaccines not her personal stance) She said vaccines work, and need to be used. She also brought up concerns about the people being in charge of safety of vaccines are the ones manufacturing and making money off them. To restore faith in vaccines (read get people to get vaccinated) independent verification is needed not in house safety assurances. Because things have slipped through the cracks of the FDA before. Please explain to me how this is anti vax?


    • Jenny McCarthy also says she has never been against vaccines, then also proceeds to discourage people from using them by sowing distrust of them. This is what nearly all anti-vaxxers do; few accept the label “anti-vaxxer.” Dr. Stein says she approves of vaccines “in general,” and I’m sure she does, given her previous credible medical work, yet claims wrongly that the program is untrustworthy in the United States. It’s not clear if she actually believes this; if she does not, then yes, it’s pandering to those who do, and certainly reinforcing their belief.

      Misinformation that discourages Americans from vaccinating their families is called “anti-vaccine” by experts in scientific skepticism. Her supporters do us all a great disservice by defending that and not asking she modify her rhetoric.


      • The difference is that Jenny McCarthy has actually said false and anti-scientific things about vaccines such as that they cause autism. Dr. Stein has never said any such thing. She has said that they have eliminated many diseases and wants to increase vaccination rates. No where does she say that the program is untrustworthy in the US. She says that the reason why it’s low in some areas is that people have a distrust of regulatory agencies and the way to get rid of that distrust is through removing the conflict of interest. Basic reading comprehension. Learn it.

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  4. My faith in progressive humanists is restored. My original article at The Friendly Atheist for which this is a followup has received over 15,000 Facebook shares!

    Note to Stein supporters here: Ad hominem attacks are not permitted here. If you’re unable to discuss respectfully, this blog is not for you.

    And an update: Many writers (including the one most Stein supporters triumphantly linked to at The Friendly Atheist) have come to see my point after the Washington Post interviewed Dr. Stein about her views on vaccines yesterday.



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  6. I find Stein’s statements measured and responsible.

    Why not just admit you’re attacking Stein because she might receive votes that you feel should go to the Democrats? To yourself, if no one else.


    • Reasoned arguments for disagreement are welcome here; baseless personal insults are not. I couldn’t possibly have been more clear or more sincere about what motivates me. It’s an ugly thing to accuse people of hidden agendas for no reason. It fits in well with the conspiracy theory tone of the comments I’m writing about here.


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  8. Oh my gosh, I’ve actually just had the same experience. I had no idea Jill Stein supporters were such huge embracers of pseudoscience. Yesterday, I posted a few comments under a couple youtube videos, simply saying that Jill Stein was a lover of pseudoscience (and therefore, anti-science), and thus not a viable candidate as a replacement for Bernie Sanders. In return I received a swarm of insults, accusations that I was a corporate shill, and accusations that I was getting all of my information from the mainstream media or the Clinton camp. I provided evidence to back up my claims (they didn’t provide any), including video of Jill Stein talking about how wifi kills children and destroys their brains. I provided interviews, and excerpts from the Green Party’s own manifesto that discuss how they support pseudoscience. I was told that I was supporting the mainstream media. So I provided links to blogs that weren’t part of the mainstream media – I was told they were Republican or Democrat blogs (even though they were simply progressive or atheist ones…I actually linked to your own article, which was called a ‘religious, rightwing, Hilary supporting troll blog’, whatever that means). These people were able to watch videos of Stein spouting pseudoscientific nonsense, and instead of admitting they were wrong (like I would do if I were them), or trying to have a rational conversation, they instead insulted me, accused me of being in the Hilary camp and a ‘paid troll’, and some of them even deleted my posts (obviously to make it look like their own arguments hadn’t been completely torn apart). I received comments telling me that vaccinations, wifi and GMOs are bad, and railing against Big Pharma, mainstream medicine, and evidence-based science. I was shocked. I thought only Trump supporters acted this way – who knew the left was so anti-science and rationalism! I’ve now come to realise that Trump supporters and Stein supporters are two sides of the same coin. It really depresses me that there are so many people in America who are so anti-science…and who don’t even realise just how anti-science they are!


    • Thanks for sharing that, Christine. I’m sorry you were exposed to that toxic BS. I remember it was a real shock to me when I realized this years ago, that there were many so-called progressives who revealed a lot in common with our opponents.


      • It has really surprised me, too! I find it desperately sad. People have actually replied to my criticisms by saying things like, ‘Jill Stein isn’t anti-science, she’s just worried about mercury in vaccines!’ They don’t even realise that they’ve shown her to be anti-science by that very statement. I just hope that we can work to change their actions and opinions in the future, so they’re more in line with progressive, humanistic values. And I hope that we can find a way to decrease the scientific illiteracy so prevalent in our country. What I find most appalling about Stein is that she uses her own scientific background to promote her pseudoscientific tendencies. We need to teach people to evaluate evidence, because they currently seem to favour the opinions of arbitrary (and often, unqualified) authority figures over empirical data and scientific fact.

        Anyway, I just want to say that I love your blog! I came here from The Friendly Atheist, and subscribed after reading several of your articles. We need more people like you and Hemant Mehta our there! :-)

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