Pressure Mounts in India to Discard Astrology as Another Anti-Progressive Superstition, Like Caste

In the west, where most of us snicker when asked “What’s your sign?” and the Reagans were mocked for their secret White House astrologer,  it’s almost impossible to grasp astrology’s place in India.  Astrology is simultaneously considered by many in the mainstream as both science and religion,  as closely intertwined with Hinduism as caste belief — just more acceptable. Continue reading

New Age Rape Culture: Astrology Pseudoscientists Blame ‘Rape-Prone’ Women & the Planets That Make Men Rape

After posting about one astrologer’s statements recently on an Indian TV news program (Rape Horoscopes: India TV News’ Latest Ratings Ploy, Dec. 3), I wondered if this was an isolated madman, or if this was a thing.  My sad report: it’s a thing.  I’ll let the astrologic community speak for themselves.  My comments are in italics prefaced with “Note.”

Before we get to the “experts,” let’s look at how this plays out in discussion forums, such as this Vedic Astrology board:

J.S. Sandhu asks: “What causes a child’s sexual abuse?  The close affliction of Rahu or the most malefic planet to Venus or the lord of the seventh house…?  What planetary influences cause a rape?”

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Rape Horoscopes: India TV News’ Latest Ratings Ploy

In Sunday’s Bangalore Mirror, writer, poet and documentary filmmaker Prathibha Nandakumar devoted a column to a passionate appeal:

Guruji Sachidananda

A popular Kannada television channel is telecasting a self proclaimed astrologer Sachidananda Babu Guruji, who gives out predictions like these:

“For Kumbha Rashi [Aquarius] people, three to six months after marriage, there is a danger of being raped, or possibility of being raped by husband’s elder brother or younger brother…

“For Makara Rashi [Capricorn], between the age of 8 and 12, there is a possibility of rape, or a possibility of being raped by parents and colleagues.

For Meena Rashi [Pisces], there may be an attempt of rape by the neighbour woman’s husband.

For Dhanuss Rashi [Sagittarius], there is a possibility of getting raped between the ages of 60 to 64.

For Vrishabha Rashi [Taurus], possibility of being raped between the age of 12 and 16.”

Unbelievably, he then gives this rape “advice” to women and children on national television: Continue reading