Astronaut Alan Bean to moon hoax nutter: “Get the f*ck out!”

By misrepresenting himself as a legitimate “documentary” filmmaker, Bart Sibrel (famously punched by Buzz Aldrin) invaded Alan’s home in 2004 and took advantage of the astronaut’s down-home gentility. At first the questions were innocuous; this clip picks up when the agenda became clear. Even as Sibrel’s nasty craziness became increasingly obnoxious, Alan generously humored him. But the easygoing gentleman had his limits, and he showed this creep the door with the most gracious of f-yous.

RIP Capt. Alan Bean, 1932-2018, an American hero. We thank you.


Matt Dillon of Dodge City addresses the gun debate

The NRA would love to claim the iconic Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke, U.S. Marshal in Dodge City, as a figurehead.

A fan of the series, I remembered a scene where Matt muses on his feelings about guns, and after a little research, found the moment.

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