Matt Dillon of Dodge City addresses the gun debate

The NRA would love to claim the iconic Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke, U.S. Marshal in Dodge City, as a figurehead.

A fan of the series, I remembered a scene where Matt muses on his feelings about guns, and after a little research, found the moment.

Matt walks slowly up Boot Hill where gunmen lie in unmarked graves and ponders:

Every one of the men buried up here did. One tried to open the bank after closing hours. Another took on a shotgun messenger with a six-gun. Another tried to palm a card dealt by a professional gambler.
Maybe they deserved to die, maybe not.

But when an honest man gets killed just for showing a little courage, it makes you wish nobody was allowed to carry a gun. Someday, maybe nobody will be. But meanwhile, I’ve got my job… Matt Dillon, U. S. Marshal.

Gunsmoke, 1958, Season 4, Episode 6, “Thoroughbreds”

Matt would have nothing but contempt for the NRA.

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