“Do You Believe” — More Killer Christians and Evil Atheists by the “God’s Not Dead” Team!

Check out my enhanced trailer for the new movie “Do You Believe.”

More anti-atheist hatred and persecution fantasies from the folks who brought you “God’s Not Dead.”

God’s Not Dead… condensed!

In which we learn that religious bigotry’s not dead either!

Your one-stop Christian source for baseless, sweeping generalizations about the character of a religious minority (atheists) so you can hate them without guilt!

The “atheist professor” star, Kevin Sorbo, is on the talkshow circuit promoting the film’s heartwarming Christian message of anti-atheist dehumanization and hate. His network TV hosts are bravely joining him in defying social conventions against broad attacks on the character of religious minorities.

I’ve added helpful captions just in case there was the slightest subtlety in this film’s anti-atheist message (though none was detected).