India’s government dangerously pushes homeopathy to combat its deadly swine flu epidemic while its news media censors criticism

India not only has a growing and deadline swine flu epidemic, but its government is using worthless homeopathy to combat it.  Meanwhile, the country’s newspapers seem to be censoring objections to the strategy.

I’ve been impressed for some time with the large English-language daily newspaper, The Hindu, and its often excellent coverage of astrology and other paranormal skepticism.  So it was with extreme surprised that I read this article advocating homeopathy a few days ago, titled  Swine flu prevention: homeo pills effective, say officials.

Officials of the Ayush and Medical and Health wings of the district on Tuesday launched distribution of the homeopathic medicine for prevention of swine flu, at various centres in district, and appealed to the people to shun panic and take the pills…

District Coordinator of the Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBKS) Dr Annareddy Sudarsan formally inaugurated the homeopathic medical camp at Prakasam High Road here, and within a couple of hours a large number of people thronged the camp to receive the medicine.

Speaking to the media, Dr Sudarsan said that homeopathic pills had always proved effective deterrents against mass epidemics like swine flu and brain fever. “The pills are safe and can be consumed by people of all ages, including child in arms. The three-dose course spread over three days is considered the best preventive method at present…” he said.

Medical officers Dr Sree Vani and Dr Selvaraj said that thousands of doses of homeopathic pills were distributed to students in several schools, in addition to the public at the distribution camps.

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