Commenting policy

Commenting Policy at Under the Greenwood Tree

Jerry Coyne did such a good job with his “Roolz” page at Why Evolution Is True that I’ve just brazenly lifted a few for my use:

  • Do not insult your host. Pretend that you’re speaking to me in my living room which is, in a sense, what this website is.
  • Please try to refrain from insulting other posters, no matter how misguided you think they are.
  • Do not cry “censorship” if I don’t post your comment. I reserve the right to trash comments that are hyperreligious, hyper-creationist, uncivil, trollish in nature, or otherwise inappropriate.  There is no “right” to have every comment you make published on this site. If that is “censorship,” then it’s also “censorship” when the editorial section of a newspaper doesn’t publish some readers’ letters in the interest of keeping a civil and interesting atmosphere. I try to use as light a hand as I can consonant with keeping an atmosphere of civility and sanity. If you have something to say that I won’t go along with, you are free to start your own site.
  • I reserve the right to not only publish threatening or extremely nasty and unsolicited emails,but also to publicize the email address and name associated with them.  I will not, however, reveal any personal details (including email addresses and IP numbers) of people who leave comments on my website unless I consider those comments threatening to me, another reader, or some other identifiable person. In other words, don’t threaten anybody with harm, and if you email me anything abusive, do so at your own peril.