It’s Official: Deepak “I Am the Field” Chopra Is an HIV-AIDS Denialist and More Dangerous Than Faith-Healing Hucksters


The gay community and any other sufferers attracted “so-called AIDS” to themselves with their bad thoughts and poor reality interpretations.  If you’re seeking to avoid HIV, replace your condoms with spacetime possibilities.  And if you’re a sufferer who’s hoping to reduce its symptoms, throw out your prescription and simply create a different reality.

The man spewing this murderous counsel, Deepak Chopra, is the media’s favorite spiritual advisor to the nation… and a medical doctor.  That officially makes him far more dangerous than the worst of faith-healing hucksters.  This garbage comes from a disturbing interview of Chopra that recently came to light.  It opens with slimy self-help guru Tony Robbins saying “HIV is not the source of AIDS.” (at 22:30).  Chopra agrees: Continue reading

6 Physicists Speak on Quantum Quackery

Murray Gell-Mann, CalTech physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics for introducing quarks.

Quantum Mechanics and Flapdoodle: [C]ertain writers have claimed acceptability in quantum mechanics for alleged “paranormal” phenomena like precognition, in which the results of chance processes are supposed to be known in advance to “psychic” individuals. Continue reading