​​Christian Legislator Mistakenly Posts Parody ​of Extremist Anti-Atheist ​Hate

Remember my recent video God’s Not Dead… condensed!?  It compiles the hateful, extremist, anti-atheist bigotry in the Christian theatrical film God’s Not Dead.  Then, in captioning, it exaggerates the hate to even more ridiculous extremes. Well, on the morning of the election, Republican State Rep. Mike Sparks of Tennessee posted my video on Facebook in all seriousness, as inspiration to his Christian supporters to get to the polls. Mike Sparks TN State Rep Sparks was in the news last spring for sponsoring a bill to put ‘In God We Trust’ Sign in the state’s Capitol.  So let’s review the kind of message that this now reelected U.S. state legislator supports, had it been serious.  Here’s the YouTube video description: Continue reading