European Green Party Officially Rejects U.S. Green Party’s “Republicans are Preferable to Democrats” Stance

U.S. Green Party’s 2016 vice-presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka and presidential candidate Jill Stein (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

I have received a March 20 communication from the European Green Party officially rejecting the U.S. Green Party’s “Republicans are preferable to Democrats” stance.

This was in response to my query to them asking if they share the views expressed by numerous U.S. Green Party leaders and allies that Republicans in American office are preferable to Democrats.  I provided them a link to a compilation of statements, each with a link to its original source so validity and context are easily verified.  It includes views such as such as this from U.S. Greens’ 2016 presidential candidate Jill Stein in October 2016:

If you watched the debate the other night, you would have heard Trump saying that he’s looking for collaboration with Putin… he’s got business interests all over the place; on that basis, hey wow, maybe he’d be the peace president because he needs peace all over the place… Yeah, climate change is horrific, but it’s not happening tomorrow.

Among the many similar pronouncements by U.S. Green leaders are an article by Stein posted in October titled “What’s scarier than Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton’s plans to gut Social Security;” an article that her running mate Ajamu Baraka tweeted in October titled “Why Hillary Clinton Is More Dangerous Than Donald Trump;” and a statement from the U.S. Greens’ 2016 campaign social media director Jillian Thomas explaining her own preference for Trump over Clinton.

There are many more.  Ralph Nader, U.S. Greens’ 2000 presidential candidate, similarly often stated his desire to see Al Gore defeated and George W. Bush win.

The reaction from Eliana Capretti, Head of Communications and Press, European Green Party, was a swift, thorough and unambiguous repudiation:

None of those quotes have every been associated with the European Green Party, nor have we ever lent support to any of them, nor will we endorse them now, nor in the future.

The full correspondence:

From: Eliana Capretti < xxx@xxx>
Date: Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 9:24 AM
Subject: Re: What is European Green Party’s view of U.S. Greens’ preference for Republican over Democratic US presidents?
To: Bo Gardiner <xxx@xxx>

Dear Mr. Bo Gardiner,

we have received your list of quotations.

None of those quotes have every been associated with the European Green Party, nor have we ever lent support to any of them, nor will we endorse them now, nor in the future.

Best regards,


Eliana Capretti
Head of Communications and Press

Rue Wiertz 31
B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

logo: European Green Party

On 19 Mar 2017, at 05:17, Bo Gardiner < xxx@xxx> wrote:

To: Eliana Capretti, Head of Communications and Press Relations, European Green Party

Hello Eliana,

I’m an American writer for Patheos, and have written a series of articles on the U.S. Green Party’s role in the U.S. 2016 presidential election.

I’ve wanted to write about how European Greens view U.S. Greens, but can find almost no commentary by you.  Most specifically, I would like to know how they view the U.S. Green Party strategy of openly preferring Republican (conservative) candidates for President over Democratic (liberal) candidates, and playing a probably role in helping them win.
My impression is that European Greens disapprove, but I’d like confirmation if true. ( I do know Russian Greens criticized the U.S. Green 2016 presidential candidate Jill Stein for attending a Russia Today gala in Moscow & dining with Putin without criticizing human rights and environmental abuses.)

I’ve compiled a list of some of their many statements demonstrating this preference in the 2000 Al Gore vs. George Bush election, and the 2016 Donald Trump vs HIllary Clinton election.

You can find them on my blog here, with links to original sources:

I would very much appreciate knowing whether or not the European Green Party shares these views.  I’m a former U.S. Green Party activist, but left because of their open efforts to stop Al Gore and help elect George Bush.  Personally I want them to change this longstanding strategy for future elections, because they can and do affect election outcomes.  There is tremendous anger now toward U.S. Greens because of their deliberate role in electing Donald Trump, but they’re unapologetic and will apparently follow the same strategy when it’s time for his reelection in four years.

Many thanks for your assistance,

Bo Gardiner
Virginia, USA

For what it’s worth, I tweeted the email to Dr. Jill Stein in response to her tweet this morning:

Perhaps this might encourage U.S. Green grassroots to begin demanding a strategy for the future from its leadership that’s less destructive to Earth and all living things that dwell upon it.

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