New York Times Essay Calls for More Respect for Astrology

By Bo Gardiner.  Excerpts from the full article at Patheos.

Are astrology and other New Age beliefs a kind of religion for those without religion?  Real or not, should that religious stature grant them greater respect and less scoffing?  The stars say yes in a New York Times op-ed this past week by writer Krista Burton.  Does she make a good case?


“Wonder Girl” is one of countless popular YouTuber astrologers offering daily life advice.

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A philosophy test for New Agers

“The universe gives back what we send out.”  “Everything happens for a reason.”

These are among the most widely repeated dogmas of New Age thought.

I propose a simple test of the validity of a philosophy such as this.

If you would be ashamed to express your philosophy to someone who has lost a child in a tsunami, then it’s probably immoral… and false.


It’s Official: Deepak “I Am the Field” Chopra Is an HIV-AIDS Denialist and More Dangerous Than Faith-Healing Hucksters


The gay community and any other sufferers attracted “so-called AIDS” to themselves with their bad thoughts and poor reality interpretations.  If you’re seeking to avoid HIV, replace your condoms with spacetime possibilities.  And if you’re a sufferer who’s hoping to reduce its symptoms, throw out your prescription and simply create a different reality.

The man spewing this murderous counsel, Deepak Chopra, is the media’s favorite spiritual advisor to the nation… and a medical doctor.  That officially makes him far more dangerous than the worst of faith-healing hucksters.  This garbage comes from a disturbing interview of Chopra that recently came to light.  It opens with slimy self-help guru Tony Robbins saying “HIV is not the source of AIDS.” (at 22:30).  Chopra agrees: Continue reading