Jill Stein: Swing-State Voters Should Still Vote for Me Even If It Means Donald Trump Gets Elected

Jill Stein: Swing-State Voters Should Still Vote for Me Even If It Means Donald Trump Gets Elected

[Excerpt.  Read the full article at Patheos].

Al Jazeera’s UpFront host Mehdi Hasan confronted Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein last week about continuing her campaign knowing it could produce a Trump victory.


Her responses seemed startlingly detached from reality, by

  • pretending she might win, despite polling at only 3-4%
  • denying that a progressive should be more alarmed by Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton
  • dismissing any personal responsibility to “get out of the way” of those working to stop Trump
  • rejecting the advice of prominent fellow Green Noam Chomsky to swing-state Greens to vote against Trump by voting for Clinton
  • immaturely insulting the man she asked to be her running mate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who now passionately urges voters to stand with Clinton, by suggesting he’s not acting on deeply held principles but rather that he’s someone who has “drunk the Kool-Aid.”

HASAN: The reality is you’re not going to be President come November; the next president is going to be either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. So what I want to ask you is, who would you rather see in the White House out of those two people — Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

STEIN: Well, you know, what the American people would rather see is neither of them, because they are rejecting those two candidates who are being shoved down their throats by the corporate media…

My expectations for Trump were always subzero. But I’ve campaigned for Greens in the past, and Stein also upsets me, but it’s more disappointment…

I’d hoped Trump’s despicable behavior coupled with a looming Election Day would rain cold reality and humility upon her. Maybe she’d acquire more compassion for Trump’s human targets, announce she was happy the Greens had been heard, and redirect her party’s attention to state and local races.

So how is she sounding now with the election exactly one month away? Unmoved, oblivious, and belligerent:

HASAN: I want you to listen to Noam Chomsky, who I interviewed earlier this year, who’s a supporter of yours. This is what he said when I asked him whether he’d vote in a swing state for Hillary Clinton as the lesser of two evils [plays video]:

CHOMSKY: I didn’t like Obama but I said exactly the same thing.

HASAN: Hillary has your vote if you were in a swing state?

CHOMSKY: Well, let’s put it that way: my vote would be against the Republican candidate.

HASAN: Do you agree, Jill Stein, with Noam Chomsky, that if you’re in a swing state like Pennsylvania, where you are now, that could determine the next election result, youshould vote for Hillary as a progressive in order to stop the lesser of two evils, the very right-wing — some would say far right-wing — candidate Donald Trump? Surely that’s a no-brainer?

STEIN: It will be horrific if Trump wins, but I am not at all reassured by the policies of Hillary Clinton… Democracy needs an affirmative agenda…

HASAN: It also needs a realistic agenda, Jill Stein…

STEIN: … Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not realistic…

HASAN: So you should not vote Hillary to stop Trump?

STEIN: Absolutely not!

She’s unable to see the rationality in Chomsky’s words, or in those of Bernie Sanders, whom she proceeded to insult…

[Excerpt.  Read the full article at Patheos].


One thought on “Jill Stein: Swing-State Voters Should Still Vote for Me Even If It Means Donald Trump Gets Elected

  1. Anti-Trump doesn’t equal Pro-Hillary.
    Anti-Hillary doesn’t equal Pro-Trump.

    If you are Pro-Military, does that make you Pro-War too?
    If you are Pro-cop, does that make you Anti-Black?

    No. It doesn’t.

    If we do not vote our conscious, then what is the purpose of the act of voting? If Trump or Hillary lose, it’s their fault. They both have some much against them, very little presidential likability, both mired in scandal and detachment from the everyday Americans lives. Jill is doing the right thing by giving people someone they can feel GOOD about voting for.

    Consider this: If Jill Stein wasn’t on the ballot, how many people wouldn’t vote for President at all? or instead cast a protest or write-in vote?


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