Evangelicals Literally Believe Net Domain Name Thing is the End of the World

I thought religion was supposed to bring inner peace.

  • God Please Help Us!
  • Mercy on US Lord the Enemy is out to destroy! Prophecy being fulfilled right before our lives!
  • Only our Lord can stop this evil! So we need to be ready! God help us!

Is this any way to live???  This pervasive paranoia that finds signs of fiery Armageddon in every relatively minor event is simply tragic.

Evangelical Christians utterly lost their minds when one of America’s most popular evangelical leaders, Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham, called on the federal lawmakers to halt the transfer of the Internet domain naming system from U.S. government control to a U.S.-based internationally monitored nonprofit, something that’s been publicly planned for years.

As a conservative wanting less power concentrated in the government, he’s happy, right?  No, because it’s Obama, it must be evil, with a hidden agenda to destroy all that is decent:

It’s not being taken from us. It’s not being sold. It’s being handed over—and that’s a shame. President Obama and his administration are giving what has been U.S. control of a key component of the internet to a global organization. As one expert said, this group will get the “keys to the kingdom” on October 1, 2016. This isn’t smart. It’s another dangerous decision in a long line of bad policy moves by our government. This could potentially weaken our country and allow others access that could bring us harm. Why is Congress allowing this? I’m calling on Democrats and Republicans alike to put a halt to the giving away of one of the most valuable assets we have. Will you call or email your representative in Congress today and tell them to do everything they can to stop this obviously very dangerous decision?

Kinda scary, but not that scary, right?  Graham is always careful in written word to sound measured.  But anyone familiar with his speeches, interviews, and most of all, his Facebook page, knows he completely counts on thousands of his followers reacting as he taught them, to see in his warnings the signs of the Apocalypse.  With nearly all his posts mini-sermons, many about the evils of Obama and how God has sent Trump to stop him, he knew his flock would understand the religious undercurrent here.

Sure enough, he quickly had thousands of Christians posting replies like this, and as usual never uttering a word to allay their fears:

  • Pure evil!
  • CONTROL over ones mind , thought , reasoning , and decisions … The implications will be HORRIFIC !
  • It can be only one thing, supernatural powers at work attempting to bring the only God fearing nation to its knees.
  • Jesus is getting ready to come back and the stage is being set for the destruction of America and the rise of the Antichrist.
  • Christians are being pushed further into a corner!
  • Obama’s certainly setting up the new world order… it’s very scary for my little grand babies.
  • This could be the start of one world order….Lord have mercy on us. It’s coming. Go Trump.

Overreact much?  Whatever you may think about DNS privatization, this freakout is just so sad to me.  It seems to me a terrible way to spend one’s life.

I was confused at first as to why a “Christian response” was even necessary for this.

Surely it’s not ever-so-slightly politically motivated by this tax-subsidized vocal Trump supporter.  Not by a preacher holding prayer rallies in all fifty states on his “Decision America” tour, telling Christians to vote and “pray for the sins of America,” which he says includes same-sex marriage, abortion and now, I guess, Internet domain name privatization.

Surely a humble preacher who seeks only the best for his flock wouldn’t deliberately stoke fear and painful anxiety in vulnerable people just to get out the vote for Trump ?  Not one running a mission to evangelize poor people that pays him a salary of $622,000.

Here’s a sampling of only the first 300 of over 4,000 similar comments on his post about Internet domain names.  It’s both funny and heartbreaking:

  • May God have mercy… may we all get down on our knees and bring this nation back to Jesus and save our United States and Israel while we have the strength to do something about this atrocity being put on our land ! And forced on us like tyrants do in the name of their so called lords!
  • Jesus Lord come quickly and save ur people from this crazy world!!!!!!!!
  • The naming system will be fully controlled by leftist, Israel hating, anti Bill of Rights, antiAmerican agenda, antiChristian homosexuals.
  • Obama also signed an executive order to ban the pledge of allegiance. Clinton approved it. Why are the news channels not reporting these things?
  • It opens the door for the “mark of the beast”.
  • It’s hard to fathom the hatred that Obama has for America.
  • Lord , we have always needed you, but Please come to our rescue
  • Dear children, this is the last hour… He will use every kind of evil deception to fool those on their way to destruction…they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur.
  • Let’s just allow the enemy to take over completely .
  • Satan has had control of our country since the day traitor hussein became the usurper president of our country…this insane, evil man
  • The devil wants full controll of all people place and things who and when and where. And who is talking good about the Lord Jesus. The devil is something else will go as far as wakeing us up at 3 to 4 30am and takeing is to thess camps. O yea I’m aware of what the devil wants to do to all of us. And it matches up with bible. Its the worst thing in history…  I always knew it was not safe or the innernet.
  • the wicked have lost and they know it. They are just trying to create as much chaos as they possibly can
  • THEY will be able to Shut Down our COMMUNICATIONS. TV, INTERNET
  • I feel so helpless!
  • The one world governing antichristians are taking control
  • Here’s what we’re up against……”the rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places.”
  • His final stages of America’s destruction
  • May God bless America and help us to know what to do to effect this change before it is truly too late!
  • It’s all part of Jesus Christ plan America has turned it’s back on him And now we will pay for that decision . The wrath of God is coming to America and those that have not put their trust in Jesus Christ, will dread that day FOREVER.
  • His striving for global unity in an insanity filled demon run world must be from a grandiose self centered idea of a drug induced mind… He has absolutely no Jesus centered thoughts
  • I wonder what God is thinking over all the Earths madness
  • You blind, deaf Democrats are bringing a Holocaust to this country…tsunami of evil
  • He is preparing a way for the anti Christ …sad to be used by the devil.
  • Oh Father, we plead to you that this stop today.
  • He has a few months left to finish the destruction of America.God help us.
  • The keys to the kingdom…. When every eye shall SEE…. It’s possible now… The World Wide Web…. If you don’t KNOW Jesus, may God have mercy…
  • His objective is to destroy America!  Fore runner of the Anti-christ.
  • I would not want to be Obama when the Almighty speaks and deals with this disgraceful human being!
  • This is a sign that we that we are in the last day. It’s a set up for Antichrist to set up. Obama and Hillary are being use of Satan to set up Antichrist’s kingdom here on earth. They can not take a small computer chip and insert it into you right hand or forehead. And if you do not take the mark of the beast you will not be able to buy or sell and these two are being used to set this up.
  • New World Order that’s what it’s all about. Nothing we can do but pray for God to open the Gates of Heaven and take us home.
  • It is time for fire and brimstone to land direcly on Obama and Hillary’s heads
  • It’s the Bible being fulfilled. Please read the book of Revelations. This is part of the New World Order. We were warned about the coming of this. We’ve got to believe in God and be ready for his return. Jesus IS coming back.
  • We are truly in a huge spiritual battle
  • I plead toward my Lord Jesus for His protection and deliverance from this President
  • he is an Anti Christ…  only God can only us now!!!!
  • Maybe God is telling us put on our full armor and stop this madness…
  • Jesus WILL return and fix all this garbage.
  • Very frightening!
  • Pray, pray, never ceasing. If not our country is lost.
  • This is dangerous to our nation.
  • One world government, one world religion.
  • We know there will be a One World Order and a One World religion, why do we act so shocked when the pieces start to fall into place.
  • Lord Jesus, Your Word declares if the enemy comes like a flood,God will raise a standard against him.
  • The beginning of the end. Soon darkness will come when others have this kind of access to our technology. Be prepared to go back to caveman days when they get the technology to shut us down.
  • Our prayers will reach heaven , God will not let us down .
  • O is the devil…tar and feather him and ride him down Pennsylvania Avenue on a rail before you let him get away with this treason !!!!
  • This godless dictator is going to spend every single day of his last months in office doing everything he can to continue to weaken & destroy our country & our freedoms.
  • He was assigned by the devil to destroy America. When a Muslim is the President of America, what would we expect?
  • I am suggesting that we fast and pray … If your name begins with ABC you fast (as you are able) on Monday and pray and if it begins with DEF you fast and pray on Tuesday, and so on until the last few letters of the alphabet will fast and pray on Sundays…

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