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charlie-chaplinThe last year has been an exciting period of growth for Under the Greenwood Tree, which is getting increasing attention that’s allowed me to become a guest author at The Friendly Atheist and Doubtful NewsIt really does take a surprising amount of time and effort to:

  • expose psychics, astrologers and promoters of pseudoscience,
  • challenge religious anti-humanist and anti-atheist bigotry, and
  • raise awareness of humanist principles of critical and scientific thinking, love for one another and our planet.

My profile two weeks of a professional astrologer who realized astrology isn’t real after he inadvertently switched clients’ horoscopes but they were just as happy had over 10,000 shares on Facebook after Skeptics Guide to the Universe recommended it as a great story.

My YouTube channel has had half a million views, and included:

  • Several dramatic videos exposing the abusive physical and emotional trauma to which Christian evangelists subject children.  A great many venues picked up my video What in God’s Name Are They Doing to the Children, and with a little help from Richard Dawkins and Ricky Gervais, it generated thousands of calls for reform of what is clearly child abuse.
  • Humanist looks at the box office hits God’s Not Dead and Do You Believe?
  • Debunking the latest viral 9/11 truther video.
  • Lighthearted use of pop culture to encourage healthy skepticism.

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Many thanks to you all for reading and sharing this last year!

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