Grieving Sister and Friend of Missing Dublin Woman Say They Were Targeted, Exploited by Psychics

[As seen at Doubtful News].

by Bo Gardiner

Psychics have left Berna Uyrun angry no closer to finding her missing sister

Londoner Berna Uyrun is angry that psychics targeted her when she was grieving, desperate and vulnerable.  Psychics claiming to have paranormal knowledge of the location and fate of her missing sister Esra, who disappeared in 2011 from her Dublin home, managed only to contradict one another and create more confusion and anxiety.

Berna was variously given false hopes and reasons to despair, leaving her more distraught than ever, without a clue what to think.   Four years later, the psychics have been no help and Esra remains missing.  But at least  Berna now knows what she thinks about psychics:  they exploit tragedy, target people like her, use Internet information to suggest they know things, and are all about money:

I only have to give my sister’s name for them to Google it and come back with information. I’ve had people describe a mountain and say there’s cracks in it and they are looking down from above and see a cross. They only have to Google ‘Bray’ to know that.  They’re not telling me anything I don’t know.

I paid money and went to one medium after another…  I was willing to try anything… Some said she passed away, others said she’s still alive and can’t get to you.  I was told she’s in a dark place and this, that and the other. Who do you believe?

They target vulnerable people.  They do target people. It’s disgusting. They always speak about the money.  It’s disturbing. They’re sick.

A close friend of the missing woman, Ilknur Maccormick, has been searching too and comes to the same conclusion:

Mediums, including famous ones, have said they’ll come over if we pay their expenses and all that.  If someone genuinely wanted to put us out of our misery, they wouldn’t be going down the line of money.  I can understand covering expenses and that, but on top of that they want more.

Even when psychics request no payment for these cases, they stand to profit indirectly.  This past month we’ve seen classic examples of how this works.  A national psychic detective group is reinventing history and claiming successes  to boost efforts to raise funds and land a TV show.  A Boston psychic is using similar unfounded claims she helped the police find missing persons to increase TV appearances, speaking engagements, and book sales.

Unlike other professions, psychics have no license or certificate that assures they actually do what they claim.  That leaves grieving friends and families feeling pressured into the dreadful choice of either taking the psychics’ word for it and committing limited resources, or forever worrying they turned away crucial leads.  It’s an agonizing dilemma all too easily exploited.

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