Top Five Reasons God Loves Storms

god was here

Then there are the times we can just let believers make our case for us.

Moody Adams Evangelistic Association, publisher of evangelical videos, tapes, books and a magazine, has just posted The 5 Reasons God Permits Storms.  You will undoubtedly be won over:


To scare you until you beg Him for mercy.

hanging onto cross

“Storms are allowed to lead men to seek the Lord:  ‘So persecute them with thy tempest, and make them afraid with thy storm… that they may seek thy name, O LORD… ‘“


To prove to you that believers will just keep coming back for more.

keep coming back

“God permits the Devil to send storms to show he cannot make believers renounce God and curse Him.”


Basically, to show off.

jesus on water

“Storms show His miraculous powers to start storms and to stop them.”


To hurt you until you agree to love Him more. 

“God punishes nations that worship Him incorrectly.”


And the top reason God likes storms so much:  Christians need you to suffer so they can show you how nice they are.


“God uses storms to give Christians an opportunity to show Christ’s love… Church groups pour into American storm ravaged areas devastated by natural disaster to aid the people.”

So, if that that doesn’t bring you to Jesus, I simply don’t know what’s wrong with you.  Although they forgot what is obviously the real number one reason…

grace of god

… to let us know who are blessed and who… not so much.

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