David Tennant Really Hates Astrology


This week’s “Just a Minute” crew: Julian Clary, host Nicholas Parsons, Stephen Fry and David Tennant.

Astrology fans seem to love Doctor Who, going by the galaxies of Internet astrologers analyzing Doctor Who incarnations by birthday.  That love is not returned from the Tenth Doctor.

On BBC Radio 4’s venerable “Just a Minute” celebrity radio panel game, guests are tossed a subject and must immediately speak on it for one minute, “without hesitation, repetition or deviation.”  Or they get buzzed and lose points.

This week David Tennant played for the first time, and was a natural.   After beautifully addressing two Shakespearean topics, he was next thrown the phrase “It’s in the stars.”   In a lovely Scottish lilt, David launched into a passionate speech on the ridiculousness of astrology:

“One of the tropes of modern life that infuriates me more than many others is the false science of astrology.

‘It’s in the stars!’ some caftan-wearing lunatic will proclaim in newspaper columns or premium-rate phone lines.  ‘It’s in the stars!’  No it’s not, it’s in your head.  ‘I’m a Capricorn, I must like cheese!’  ‘Sagittarius — hats are my thing!’

The notion that the hour of your birth should predetermine who you are and what you may be prone to like is so fallacious as to make my skin crawl.”

I’m more a Ninth Doctor kinda girl, but Number Ten just grew on me a little more.

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