Hundreds of Christians flood Ken Ham’s Facebook page to respond to the most innocuous atheist billboard ever

A few days ago California news interviewed residents wanting this “controversial” United Coalition of Reason billboard taken down. Next, in Mobile, Alabama, Christians did succeed in getting the identical billboard removed.  Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis has posted it on his Facebook page for comment, and he certainly got them.

For your scannng pleasure, I’ve handily selected and categorized some, including the Weepers, the Stone-Throwers, the Persecuted, and the Gloaters…

The Weepers

  • I just can’t handle it… I just want to weep.
  • VERY SAD!!!!!!
  • the only unpardonable sin……sad

The Stone-Throwers

  • coming out like ferocious wolves
  • Only shows atheism is born from satan’s uterus.
  • This design makes me think that Atheism is a mental disorder not a person’s choice.
  • Atheists are really fools…unless they repent and know Jesus..
  • The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.
  • Should say. Don’t believe in God? Stinks to be you!
  • To live like there’s no GOD makes you a fool.
  • Looks like the Devils got his servants evangelizing
  • Satan using ignorant people to do his bidding
  • The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

The Persecuted

  • bet Christians aren’t allowed to put massive scripture billboards up declaring God.
  • In times of persecution like we see beginning now…  when the atheists come knocking on your door and ask you to renounce He who gives you life…
  • Sent by the antichrist. People be prepared.
  • Preaching now, something the Christian is told not to do? I smell hypocrisy here

The Gloaters

  • they will have plenty of “company” from Satan & his demons for eternity.
  • cast into the lake of fire FOREVER! Pain without end! I can not even say “pain day and night,” because there will be no day. Only darkness forever!!!!
  • One day, if they continue in their unbelief, they will be alone . . . eternally alone in outer darkness experiencing the wrath of God.
  • You WILL BE alone when you meet your judgment before the one and only God.
  • The GREAT WHITE THRONE Judgement will be NO MORE AMUSING than that Billboard.
  • On judgement day, “But …. But ….. But …. You don’t exist!” And then the most horrible words a person will ever hear, “Depart from Me, I never knew you.”
  • Those that mocked Noah weren’t alone either. We know how that ended
  • Folish people. They will know the truth when they stand before the Almighty God. It will be tooooo late.
  • Nothing more scarier then seeing an atheist on his death bed…that last second they realize…but it’s to late.
  • If only they knew WHO created that sun that is on the billboard they put up… they gonna wish they did when there times up.

The Weird, Confused, Yet Wildly Popular Cliché That Apparently Every Christian Alive Thinks Is Witty and Original

  • Its incredible how they fight so hard against something they don’t believe.
  • i dont know how u can be offended by someone u believe doesnt exist kinda contrdicts itself
  • Its funny how they dont believe in God but they r always fighting with him how can they be fighting with something supposedly they don’t believe in hummm???
  • Seems counterintuitive to me to go to such an effort to draw attention to something you don’t believe in. The things I don’t believe in, I avoid. I cannot imagine spending my own money to promote something against my beliefs.
  • Who spends that kind of money on something they don’t believe in? Ridiculous.
  • I’ve always thought it bizarre to not believe in something so much that a person is compelled to campaign against it.
  • What I don’t understand, which is so funny, if they don’t believe in God, why do they bother to even put these bill boards out. In order to attack God, then some how you have to believe that He is God
  • They sure spend a lot of money and time trying to discredit some thing they say is not real.
  • Why spend money on what doesn’t exist?? truly foolish!!
  • Then why spend so much trying to prove He is nonexistent? Why the concern & worry that others know Him?
  • is there was no God then Why do you need to be an atheist?
  • Interesting how they “say” they don’t believe, yet they are evangelizing the world?
  • If atheistism isn’t a religion then why put up billboards?
  • So atheist are offended by God which they say they don’t believe in

The Christians Who Don’t Read World News

  • atheists never protest any other world religion other than Christianity
  • Why don’t we see signs about Allah, or Budda, or any other “God”? They don’t attack any other religion.
  • no one is posting billboards about all these other “gods” because deep inside they know the truth.

The Rupture

  • are you missing anyone? They’ve been ruptured and you have been left behind!

It’s All Science’s Fault

  • To the atheists- Global warming!!!  You swallowed the global warming pill, because science said so! Listen to no man, it’s all in the word!
  • there’s molecules to man theory and that made them blind
  • It is a religion, they simply use (unknown) science as their deity.
  • I reject any science that goes against God’s truth such as the LIES of evolution & life being more than 6,000 years old(like dinos supposedly dying 65 million years ago). Clearly dinos existed we have complete sekeltons but to say they died that long ago is absurd!
  • It was evolution. Everything is evolution.

Hey, Only One Death Threat

  • they which commit such things are worthy of death

The Ones Which Blew Out My Irony Meter

  • I sent a message to Lamar billboard company asking them to stop doing business with this group of atheist.
  • Why do atheists feel the need to evangelize?
  • why does it bother them so much?
  • why are they playing the victim?
  • It amazes me how angry they get
  • don’t disrespect me and my beliefs
  • typical liberals, there can be no other way but what they believe
  • people are so rebellious it may help our side

8 thoughts on “Hundreds of Christians flood Ken Ham’s Facebook page to respond to the most innocuous atheist billboard ever

  1. And several times a day I have to see commercials for “Christian Mingle”. “God’s match for…me?” As an atheist, should I use these same tactics against the TV channels which air them?

    Talk about insecurity. Their supposed all-powerful deity cannot handle the competition of a billboard? Wow, then your “god” is quite the pussy…


    • I’m so glad you found it, Janice. Humor’s a great way to deal with this nonsense, IMO. Congrats to all of you for a great job well done. You’re really getting people talking, and that’s always a good thing!


  2. Ken Ham is so confidently stupid so frequently that he renders me speechless these days.

    As far as the rest of these saps, their comments serve as mere entertainment. It amuses me that such a vague and non-offensive billboard rouses such anger from people. If their faith was as strong and unshakable as they continuously claim, such a billboard wouldn’t stir a reaction. I don’t get all up in arms when I walk past a church — I’m a rationalist, so I keep walking.


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