Christians Successfully Pressure Major Billboard Company to Remove Sign That Simply Notes the Existence of Atheists


Days after this identical billboard in Colton, California, drew television news reports of the “controversial” sign that  residents wanted taken down, comes news today that the anti-atheists have succeeded in Mobile, Alabama.  There they convinced the huge billboard company Lamar Advertising to remove the sign funded by the atheist and humanist group Gulf Coast Coalition of Reason.

What shocking image prompted the outcry?  A mountain sunrise and the offensive message that atheists exist.  The sign read: “Don’t believe in a god? You’re not alone.”

Lamar Advertising made trouble from the start.  Troy Tatum, Lamar’s VP, said that

the company asked for a disclaimer be added to the billboard saying who paid for it.  Jason Heap of the United Coalition of Reason said it was the first time he had ever been asked to provide a disclaimer but that the group did so.

The billboard was then put up during the first week of Jan.  On Jan. 18, the Coalition of Reason was notified that the billboard had been taken down.  Heap said that he was told that Lamar had received a large amount of complaints about the billboard and that he questioned the motivation to take the billboard down.  “By contractual obligations, they are required to give us a full four weeks,” said Heap.

The Coalition of Reason appears to be weighing its options, which apparently has the billboard  company anxious.

Tatum said that Lamar has a plan on the table to make-due with the Coalition of Reason but that the advertising company hasn’t heard from the group.  “They just want to start a fight,” Tatum said.

Right.  It couldn’t possibly be that their contract was broken and their civil rights violated.  It must be that those angry atheists can’t help being militant.

Here’s hoping your surrender to religious bigotry costs you, Mr. Tatum.

A lot.


12 thoughts on “Christians Successfully Pressure Major Billboard Company to Remove Sign That Simply Notes the Existence of Atheists

  1. It pains me to see this kind of attitude towards atheists perpetrated by ‘men of God’. Especially given our country’s secular nature! I pray we return to such values. Please know you are not alone in this! :)


  2. Why didn’t the christians just band together, burn the billboard down and then shoot the guys who paid for it then murder their god hating atheist families?


  3. Why is god capitalized in the quote, when it’s not on the billboard? Note the indefinite article ‘a’ that precedes it — it’s not referring to a specific god, but any possible god. So capitalizing isn’t merely misquoting to satisfy Christian conventions, but downright incorrect.


      • I do wonder about the difference between this sign and the one in California. According to the screenshot you posted, that one does refer to “God” with the capital letter and without the article. Was this change, like the addition of a disclaimer, something that was requested by Lamar Advertising, and if so, why?


      • No, of course not, I just thought that capitalizing it changes the meaning a bit and could make it sound a bit more inflammatory if a group thought they were specifically targeted. I absolutely disagree with the removal.


  4. IT sounds like Lamar Advertising didn’t need much of an excuse. They are probably religiously biased. Advertising shouldn’t consider complaints a a reason for taking a billboard down. This should be strictly business. Any complaints should be directed to the group that is paying for the billboard, not the responsibility of the ad company to take down or not.


  5. Ok, first, yes, I’m Christian. Second, I don’t find this offensive at all. There are so many more important issues to get excited about in this country & around the world, it seems like a huge waste of energy. I happen to agree with our constitution, freedom of thought and speech, etc. I honestly don’t understand how people can behave in such nasty ways and still believe that they are not only Christians, but the only “real” Christians! There’s plenty of infighting in my or any faith. Enough to keep everyone busy, you’d think. Anyway, I’m not making apologies, but I do want to let folks know that there are people who are crazy enough to believe in God (I know, the capital letter is habit, but it’s a habit I adhere to) and still retain some sanity. I’m sure plenty of people will disagree with me, but I’ve never done things the easy way. I sincerely hope that those involved in gagging the free speech and other rights of the group which put up the billboard are taken to court and/or otherwise punished & stopped from continuing such a damaging, arrogant & nasty tactic. I’ve never been a fan of the “my way or the highway” version of faith. The fact that there are so many different flavors of Christians ought to be enough to prove that no one is 100% right, no one should try to claim they, and only they, know all there is to know about this crazy world we live in…


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