California Christians want this incredibly offensive atheist billboard taken down

controversial Colton billboard

“Don’t Believe in God? You Are Not Alone” reads Colton billboard.

Christian Post reports that a United Coalition of Reason (UnitedCoR) billboard has “stirred the ire of residents.” Claiming grandiosely (and falsely) in its headline that residents are “united in taking it down,” the paper ironically dismisses the humanist interviewed to prove the very need for the billboard:

Residents in Colton, California, are objecting to a billboard in their community that displays the message, “Don’t believe in a God? You are not alone,” and want the ad to be taken down…

Other messages put up by the UnitedCoR featured on billboards include “Good without a god? So are we!”

LA SunTimes and CBS Los Angeles use the phrase “heated opposition.”  CBS, with a photo of the billboard captioned “Controversial Billboard,” reports:

“A push is underway to get a billboard near Interstate 215 taken down that’s aimed at bringing likeminded people together.”

Their field reporter interviews residents:

“’I’d have them taken down, because God is real.’  Benjamin Hall believes in God and says the billboard shouldn’t be allowed to stay.

Cyndi Bulger doesn’t want it here either:  ‘Everybody’s an individual, so you shouldn’t be told how you should think or what you should believe.’”

Local newspaper comments include:

–“I’m a Christian and this made me sad when I drove past it tonight. Why do non-believers need their own community?”

–“Atheists balk and threaten lawsuits over Christian faith and signage because they shouldn’t be ‘forced’ to look at something they don’t believe in… but it’s ok for them to put up a huge sign to be seen by millions…? So, can’t Christians balk and sue to have atheists remove this?…Don’t want religion forced on your beliefs, but it’s just fine and dandy for them to force it on to others?”

An especially open-minded and open-hearted Christian reacts:

–“To believe in a higher power you have to be willing to… open your mind and your heart. I don’t want to know people who can’t or won’t do this; they are simply too shallow.”


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