LOL! Amazon reviews for “Calm Down for Dogs” Homeopathic Treatment

It’s not that these are among those super-witty reviews, so don’t expect that.  It’s just that they’re among the realest.  First the ads, then the reviews:


PetSmart: “Help your dog through times of stress with this veterinarian recommended aid made from a natural blend of essence from selected flowers.”
Another online site: “Pet Organics Calm Down For Dogs is a natural blend of essences from selected flowers that works gently with no side effects. ”
A third online site: “Pet Organics Calm Down! is an all-natural remedy for dogs that are unruly or hyper. Helps make your dog happy and content.It has been shown that essences from selected flowers, when added to your pet’s drinking water, aid in helping balance the emotions of pets with behavior problems. This is done easily, gently and with no harmful side effects.”


Great calming liquid.
Yer dog isn’t “calm” he’s drunk!
All of thise “active ingredients” are total ineffective nonsense. Non of them have been scientifically shown to alter the mood of animals. THE INACTIVE INGREDIENT HOWEVER! 13% alcohol, HAS been shown to calm animals. By getting them wasted! yer giving your dog 25% proof booze.
Inactive ingredient: 13% alcohol
The label lists alcohol 13% as the inactive ingredient. From the ASPCA poison control page: Alcoholic beverages and food products containing alcohol can cause vomiting, diarrhea, decreased coordination, central nervous system depression, difficulty breathing, tremors, abnormal blood acidity, coma and even death.
They list the active ingredients as strictly homeopathic which are just a placebo. However, what they list as the “inactive ingredient” is 13% alcohol. I can assure you that 13% alcohol is doing more to affect your dog than the “active ingredients” (and I use that term loosely).To put it into context, 13% is about the same amount of alcohol as is in wine and 3 or 4 times greater than your average beer. You’re getting your dog drunk.
Who’s a drunk boy? You are!

Let’s set aside for a moment that homeopathy is complete nonsense and you should never use it to treat animal or human, THIS STUFF IS 13% ALCOHOL!!

And the best part: It contains 0,00000125ml of each “active ingredient” (1.25ml with 3C dilution), so basically just over 1 MILLIONTH of a milliliter of the “remedy”, but it contains 30.68ml of alcohol, and then they list the alcohol as an “inactive ingredient.”

One thought on “LOL! Amazon reviews for “Calm Down for Dogs” Homeopathic Treatment

  1. Talk about hyperbole! You’d be probably adding something like 5 drops of this to a whole bowl of your dogs water…doubt he/she would get wasted on that!! You clearly know nothing about homeopathy and the alcohol is just a preservative 🙄


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