​​Christian Legislator Mistakenly Posts Parody ​of Extremist Anti-Atheist ​Hate

Remember my recent video God’s Not Dead… condensed!?  It compiles the hateful, extremist, anti-atheist bigotry in the Christian theatrical film God’s Not Dead.  Then, in captioning, it exaggerates the hate to even more ridiculous extremes. Well, on the morning of the election, Republican State Rep. Mike Sparks of Tennessee posted my video on Facebook in all seriousness, as inspiration to his Christian supporters to get to the polls. Mike Sparks TN State Rep Sparks was in the news last spring for sponsoring a bill to put ‘In God We Trust’ Sign in the state’s Capitol.  So let’s review the kind of message that this now reelected U.S. state legislator supports, had it been serious.  Here’s the YouTube video description:

God’s Not Dead… condensed! In which we learn that religious bigotry’s not dead either! Your one-stop Christian source for baseless, sweeping generalizations about the character of a religious minority (atheists) so you can hate them without guilt! The “atheist professor” star, Kevin Sorbo, is on the talkshow circuit promoting the film’s heartwarming Christian message of anti-atheist dehumanization and hate. His network TV hosts are bravely joining him in defying social conventions against broad attacks on the character of religious minorities. I’ve added helpful captions just in case there was the slightest subtlety in this film’s anti-atheist message (though none was detected).

And here are the captions in the video itself:

[When the prof welcomes the class to Intro to Philosophical Thought…]  “aka Intro to Godless Brainwashing.”

“Philosophy profs use Nazi Youth training methods.”

[When an atheist dumps his girlfriend for having cancer…]  “Atheist.  Obviously.”

“Atheists are without morality.  True, statistics show otherwise.  But remember that all statisticians are atheists.”

“Atheist traits include: Immorality, Amorality, Violence, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Sociopathic Tendencies.”

“More atheist traits: Meaningless Lives, Belief in Absolutely Nothing, Melodramatic Overacting.” “Atheists: believers who hate God.”

[As the prof leaves the classroom…]  “Off to kick puppies.”

“Good atheist, dead atheist.”

[Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson greeting the crowd at a Christian concert…] “Reminding you girls to marry at 14 and submit to your husbands.”

[When Willie tells the crowd to text all their friends “three simple words…”]  “We… hate… atheists.”

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